@Rebelleg4l | Sneakerheads talk

Introducing ‘Sneakerheads talk’

What does being a sneakerhead mean? How can someone love sneakers so much to the point that it even becomes their life-style routine?

Sneakerhead talk’ by Flipashops is the best spot to solve those doubts and to get a better glimpse of who Sneakerheads really are, what does a sneaker lover think and what do sneakers mean for them.

Sneakerheads talk | #1 Rebelleg4l

For our first S-talk we have the pleasure to introduce Veronica (@rebelleg4l), a 24 year old sneaker-lover with residence in Vigevano (a city near Milan) and with a huge passion for r&b and hip-hop music, art and of course streetwear and sneakers.

Sneakers in my opinion are not only something that you can wear but also a form of contemporary art that help me to express myself

At what age do you remember falling in love with the sneakers world?

I have been obsessed with sneakers culture since I was a kid, but my passion really started 5 years ago, when I got my first real job. That made me able to buy the shoes that I really like … so I would say at 19.

What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear the word ‘sneakers’ ?

When I think about the word sneakers the first thing that pops to my mind, is the huge creativity the designers put behind a pair of shoes … and of course a giant swoosh hahaha

From 1-10 how important are sneakers to an outfit for you?

Sneakers are very important/essential on this season … so on a scale 1 to 10 I would say 8.
You can have a sneaker grail on your feet, but if ain’t got the style, the shoes lose all their ‘power’.

I’ts not easy to find the perfect combo between sneakers, outfit and details.

What do you look at first when you cross someone in the street? Clothing, Sneakers or Accesories?

The First thing I notice when I cross someone in the street are the shoes she/he’s wearing, but i’m also obsessed with jewelery.

Describe your Ideal sneaker design!

I’m a huge fan of the design behind the Nike SB Dunk low, I really LOVE it and I own a lot of pairs of that silhouette. So yeah, that’s my ideal sneaker.

What’s your favorite sneaker outfit? Why is it your favourite?

This is currently my fave combo because im wearing a pair of Dunks of course hahaha and i’m a fan of summer looks – basic but also fresh.